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Rules and Regulations

Washer Tournament

  • Tournament is played indoors

  • Two-man Teams (Pick your own partner)

  • Entry fee INCLUDES ticket to WashFest Concert

  • One hole washerboards, 2'x2'

  • 4 washers thrown by each individual competitor

  • Single elimination

  • Boards will be spaced 21' apart, from hole to hole

  • Coin toss will determine first throw

  • 1st team to 21 points wins, NO busts, NO skunks

  • Washer on the board , and closest to the hole gets a point

  • Ringer = 5 points;  Leaner = 3 points; On the board = 1 point

  • Any part of the washer hanging over the hole is declared a leaner 

  • If there are any disputes the ruling will be clarified by a tournament official

  • A washer cannot hit the ground before landing on the board.  IF the washer hits the ground and then lands on the board, it must be removed

  • Ringers by both competitors will cancel each other out, as well as leaners (even if one washer is leaning more than the other). the next closest washer to the hole will be the ranking washer after a cancel-out.

  • Tournament Registration on-site only from 10am - 11:30am

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